Beginnings are Refreshing!

Hi! Hello! So glad you could stop by and let me be the first to welcome you to my very first blog post!

My name is Bunmi and I am a motivational blogger here at EthnicMotherhood. Does this mean I will be documenting my 'perfect' life? On the contrary, I aim to document my EthnicMotherhood journey and it will not be a chronicle of a perfect life, because I am not perfect, and quite frankly no one is.

Motherhood is multi-faceted as we all know and EthnicMotherhood just slices through a tiny piece, which happens to be my own unique journey.

I am originally from Nigeria and a mother to three cheeky kiddos, two boys and a little girl. Big Bro and Little Bro are 9 and 7 years old respectively while Little Sis is 8 months old. With kiddos this young, you can expect a roller-coaster ride and I choose to document it, in the hopes of inspiring other mothers to live their best lives now, with the kiddos in tow of course.......

So who am I hoping to reach?

Certainly not just ethnic mothers and all who support us BUT all mothers and ALL supporters of mothers everywhere who recognize that every mother's journey is unique and this blog just captures one of its (motherhood's) many facets...

I am so excited about where this journey will lead and I invite you along for the ride! I also welcome your comments below and I would love to have community with you, so please feel free to follow EthnicMotherhood, so as to never miss a post.

Until next time.....


About Bunmi

Bunmi is the creator of the EthnicMotherhood blog. She is a motivational blogger and a Masters-prepared Registered Nurse. She is also married with three children and lives in the Midwestern part of the United States with her family.

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